Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Amal Maher And Abadi Al Johar Duet Blew My Mind Away!

Amal Maher's latest news was her upcoming album and then all of a sudden something big happened that made her push back the release of the new album. She got to collaborate with a Saudi musician Abadi Al Johar on a mini album where agreed to perform together in the Egyptian house of opera. The final product was an amazing album.

The first track with a duet that goes well into 28 minutes, a timeless masterpiece about love and forgiveness. Each of the artists got a solo song, and the music was written by Saudi composer Talal who was honored on the same night. It was a nice surprise for the new year from two artists whose fan think the world of. Amal was the best thing about this collaboration, her voice is so familiar and so attractive. Abadi made his fans super happy and proud, he also got his name into an entire new demographic.      

Abadi is a household name within the Gulf region, but most of the Arab music fans, do not know much about his legacy. So he went to Cairo --using the old model to get attention to his music. Partnering with Amal is a clever idea as she is well-known and well-liked in the Gulf, but her voice is something that almost all Arabs appreciate.

آمال ماهر وعبادي الجوهر | سامحني يا حبيبي | 2015

آمال ماهر | ربي يسلملي إيديك | 2015


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