Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Toni Qattan New Song Choses Death Over Distance! (Audio) @ToniQattan

Here's a sweet love song by handsome Jordanian pop star Tony Qattan. Tony released a teaser for this song late last year, and in 2015 the songs landed. It's a passionate song about not fearing death in exchange for love. The song talks about capital punishment as being less painful than being away from the loved one--silly I know.

The song has a debka beat that keeps the song upbeat and your feet off the floor. It's a romantic song that sounds a lot like a war song, but Tony's style fits with the regional music. The track would find a home in the Sham area and Iraq.

The surprise music is the work of Salim Salamah, whose work on softer mellow songs extends to generations of singers.

جديد طوني قطان 2015 - بعشقك صدقني - Lyrics Video


  1. This is a impressive arabic music video. I admire Tony Qattan music and talent. Aside from having a handsome face he is really soulful any woman would fall in love with his voice.