Monday, January 19, 2015

Mohammed Assaf New Upbeat #Palestine Song - Dammi Falastini

His best songs are about Palestine. When he tried to sing about love he did just okay. I love Arab Idol and the kid from Gaza Mohammed Assaf....but his album was a dud. Sure, it sold a lot of records but tell me one song that will shape the young artists' career? I could not find one.

It's like he is out of battery juice when he sets his sight on anything other than Palestine. The motherland brings out the best from within him, and Assaf sounds like he feels something deep and it comes out with all that sorrow he has lived and seen in his years in Gaza Palestine.

So now came from nowhere to sing a new single for Palestine. A happy song about being a Palestinian in the blood. To my ears, this sounds like like Jordanian songs....but they are very similar to the Palestine folklore. It's a fun song about being from the land, and a member of the Arab demographics who value the city of Jerusalem.

This is a good song from Assaf and I know some of his fans who are not from Palestine will find it entertaining while feeling authentic. Keep on mind this is the time of the year when summer concert contracts are signed up. So Assaf is in the running and he is trying to bring back that euphoria we all felt for him two years ago.

Mohammed Assaf - Dammi Falastini


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