Monday, January 12, 2015

WATCH: Assi El Hallani - Ajmal Al Ashyaa Music Video

Assi Hallani is so desperate for a hit, he would try anything. He tired to sing with guys and women have his age, but that does not last very long. Now he is singing for horses. We know he loves them so much and he calls himself the knight of Arabic music, the family man is horsing around with a young model on the beach then on a fancy car....

Now he is singing in classical Arabic to appease his fans in the Arab world, but mostly the ones in the Gulf who paid for the song including his wardrobe. Now online he has more than 3 million friends mostlry from his past and from his judge chair on the Voice.

Talal composed the music, but the best part is not actually not the lyrics nor the music, but the location and the cinematography. The song is about the best things, or most favorite of things and people, he gives that title to the loved one who is standing alone in the balcony.

I think the music and the music video do not sync right, and Assi does not even look like Assi anymore, but he wants to pay the bills so he has taken the Gulf dialect.

Assi El Hallani - Ajmal Al Ashyaa Music Video / عاصي الحلاني - أجمل الأشياء


  1. I'm not good enough with those dialects to tell from the lyrics, but doesn't it sound like an Iraqi zanbour in the mix? Is the song supposed to be pan-Gulf?

    Also, yes, he's had way too much work done. His skin looks like it's made out of plastic and it's almost like they over-plumped the lower half of his face.