Saturday, January 3, 2015

You Need This Song In Your Life--Thank You Moustafa Hagag #Dance @MHagagnjmusic

If you were looking for a catchy and fun dance song, then you got one and you have new comer Moustafa Hagag to thanks for this so slick tune. Aziz Shafie composed the music and the lyrics to Moustafa Hagag who made it the coolest Egyptian pop song in a really long time.MosM

Now, I am really happy with this song, you cannot help but want to dance to its beat, it's loud, fast and upbeat. Everything you need in a hit song, happy to see it go to a young star who needs a break. The new album for Moustafa is coming soon.

Simple lyrics about mint, sugar, sesame, fragrance and long distance. The song may not add up in a foreing language, but in Egypt it's good natured fun.
Moustafa Hagag - Ya Mna3na3 | مصطفي حجاج - يا منعنع


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