Friday, January 23, 2015

What Coup in Yemen?! Yemni Songstress Arwa Releases A New Song "Ya Momayaz" @ArwaOnline

Arwa is on hell of a gorgeous lady. She is also a smart entertainer who sings, acts, and hosts TV programs. She return this once with a new music video for the lead song from her album of last year. She is going for Femme Fatale, surrounded by droves of handsome and well-dressed men. She is giving them a press conference in what seems like an integration room.

It's not a song that I love, but it's targeting the population in the Gulf, who like this sort of music and only them. I do not get the rain scene, and the umbrellas and all these warplanes!  Not the right time, giving ISIS just detained a Jordanian pilot. But back to the music video, the music video tries to hard to do something foreign and new. It does for a bit in the colors and the makeup. And also Yemen just went crazy, but Arwa has not be living there for some time now.

I am not in love with the song, but I think Arwa is right to try a different look with a song that will pay the rent. I know she has many friends in the music and the show biz, and they seem happy for her.

.. Arwa ... Ya Momayaz - Video Clip | أروى ... يا مميز - فيديو كليب


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