Friday, January 16, 2015

What the hell is Anoudi? Ask Rahma Riad @RahmaRiad

She is the nicest girl of pop, she comes from a good home and was raised right. This is why she refuses to get into the music dating scene in exchange for music and songs. She wants to work with her talent and only that. Rahma Riad is unafraid to challenge the norm. This is why you would find her song choice is refreshing. She sings for the Iraqis and Gulfies...this is where the market is headed. She likes to get them to dance.

She came up with a col concept a song with lyrics, but also she is kicking around the comic strip. A trendy mush of her goofing around and dancing next to her lyrics.

The Iraqi performer, Rahma Riad, has launched today an innovative lyric music video for her new single “Anoudi”. The lyric video is neither a graphic nor a series of the artist’s pictures; it actually is filmed sequences of Rahma Riad herself moving with the lyrics while singing them.
This work was supervised by the director Jad Shwery in preparation for his portrayal of the song as a music video that would be later on played on Televisions.

For the first time in the Arab world, and in a daring initiative, the Production Company Watary has allocated a large fee to create a musical lyric video which sole target is online users. This move was made after the recurrent successes of the lyric videos produced by Watary, the first being the videos created for Nassif Zeytoun’s album release “Ya Samt”, in March 2013, and as well as Yara’s latest album “Aayesh Bi Oyouni”.

The lyric video created for the single “Anoudi”, is as vibrant with color as it is with creativity. The trendiness and the originality of this video do not only reside in its concept but also in the graphics used and the different wardrobe styles that Rahma Riad has been showed in.

Rahma Riad - Anoudi [Lyric Video] (2015) / رحمة رياض - عنودي


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