Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Brightest Pop Star Teases Her Fans With Ya Nhar @shaymahelali

The crisis in Arabic music started in 2009 with the financial crisis and music producers and TV networks not investing money into them as much as they did just few years ago. In 2011, the industry took another hit due to the Arab Spring and the instability. And with faster internet (and smarter phones) going almost to all corners of the Arab World, piracy is an issue.

One artist stood tall among her peers and weathered the storm well, I am speaking of Shayma Helali who hails from Tunis (where the Arab Spring started) but she kept her upbeat persona and kept making good songs and stunning music videos. She really kept busy and she made a number of hits that rival her A list peers.

Shayma Helali is a gorgeous lady who rocks and strives to find good work wherever it may be. Like her upcoming music video which she filmed on the Nile river. This is amazing because her son is in Egyptian dialect. And the song uses an well-known catch phrase "Hell of a morning!" She pulls the tourist look so well and I cannot wait to see her latest.

In the last two years, Shayma Helali  sang in more dialect than most artists can do. She did this without losing people or coming across as something who is trying too hard.

Shayma Helali - Ya Nhar Teaser Soon | شيما هلالي - برومو كليب يا نهار قريبا من ميلودي


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