Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ramy Ayach's Good Deed, Fifty Scholarships Concert

Ramy Ayach got married, few days later he went hunting with his buddies, then now he is back in action with a concert. The concert has a feel-good, volunteers and artists took over a concert fundraiser, where Ramy sang for free and the money was used to educate and provide supplies for 50 students. I like this, it helps those who do not have the means.

The name of the charity is named after Ramy Aycah, ""Ayach Childhood:, Sarah Hany came to party with them, and she sang and so did Nadir Al athat, I like when artist do stuff fro free, then boast about it and tell us they just did something nice. This was some nice party for friends, and it looks like Ms. Ayach stepped in the spotlight.

People came to have a good time, party and do something good and rewarding for those 50 students. Look bless their hearts for doing this, but think about the cost for themselves, nothing, they came, they had a good time and looked good. Now, how paid for the other costs? the room setup? the labor, and the food? It was not donated or was it?

رامي عيّاش يساعد 50 طالباً لإكمال دراستهم


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