Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kuwaiti Crooner Abdullah Al Rowaished Finds The Sweet Spot!

Kuwaiti  Crooner Abdullah Al Rowaished is full of surprises throughout his 30 years of music career. Known best for his strong voice, that takes men where few singers dare to go, he is an emotional complex artist with a soft and intimate style. His voice is made perfect for proems about love, distance and sorrow.

In his songs, Abdullah Al Rowaished  is either backed by a full orchestra, a big band or by a piano. He has a sentimental and emotional singing style made possible by his musical talents. He is one of  five big names in the Kuwait music scene. He could be in more places and more playlists, but he seems like a shy guy who shuns the media, and does not like to be the subject of his music videos. He makes up for that by choosing exotic locations to serve as the backdrop of his songs.

Abdullah composes many songs, and his music often seems like a journey with highs and lows to keep up with the lyrics he is singing.

Abdullah Al Rowaished ... Elli Hassal - Video Clip | عبد الله الرويشد - إللي حصل - فيديو كليب


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