Friday, January 23, 2015

How Old Is She? List Of The Real Years and Ages For Arab Celebrities

  1. Elissa, the romantic Lebanese hit-maker born in 1971--she one anti-marriage entertainer
  2. Nancy Ajram, the spunky and cheeky songstress born in 1983--happily married with two girls
  3. Kadem Al Saher, the charming Iraqi musician was born in 1957--married twice at least
  4. Asalah, the Syrian diva with mighty voice born in 1969--married twice, has at least three kids
  5. Ahlam, the UAE firecracker and pop star was born in 1969-married with a family
  6. Haifa Wehbe, the nova, and Lebanese personality was born in 1969-divorced twice
  7. Carole Samaha, the Lebanese golden gem and show woman born in 1972--just got married
  8. Sherine Abdel Wahab, the Egyptian iconic songstress born in 1980--divorced with two girls
  9. Maya Diab, the pop star from Lebanon and celebrity was born in 1978--has a little girl
  10. Mohamed Mounir, the legendary all-Egyptian singer was born in 1954--never married  
  11. Amr Diab, the rock star of pop music was born in 1961
  12. Ragheb Alama, the most popular statesman among the stars born in 1962
  13. Samira Said, the timeless Moroccan diva was born in 1959
  14. Najwa Karam, the most powerful lady voice in ages was born in 1966
محمد منير و نانسي عجرم ,, على مين ( حاره الساقيين ) ,, من برنامج Arab Idol Mohamed Mounir


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