Friday, January 9, 2015

Now The Police Are The Good Guys! You Suck Folks! #Egypt

Another shitty song from the regime in Egypt glorifying the police officers and condemning protesters and youth. Maybe this is what the people deserve, an abusive regime that bribes them every now and then. It's a pity to see the country turning back the clock and looking the other way. Thousands died and thousands more have lost a limp or an eye, yet the folks are now thinking the same people who opened fire at them back in 2011, 2012, 2013 and in 2014.

To hell with Egypt and the rest of the region....may God help the innocent and the defenseless people victimized by dictators and blind press. in places

Nadia Mostafa found something to sing about, God knows no one would pay a dime to see her perform. It has been ages since she had a concert, but the army went back in time and picked the artists who would support their power hungry policies in the name of God, country and the army. Keep on mind the Ministry of Interior pays top dollars to get these songs made---they want you to believe they have given their lives protecting you. The artist gets to have access and look patriotic. I guess, they bully their own people, but when it comes to spies, and corrupt business types they protect them .

Homa Dol - Nadia Mostafa هما دول - نادية مصطفى


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