Thursday, January 22, 2015

Arwa Pokes Fun of Haifa Wehbe's Naked Sheer Dress (Video)

Cross-talented Yemni entertainer Arwa has a new show, and she chose to make fun of that famous Haifa Wehbe dress she wore on MBC network on Star Academy. It was a revealing dress, it pretty much showed us Haifa Wehbe's backside with details in prime time.

The network apologized about the famous dress scandal and that too much Haifa. As for Haifa she always wins, as the press talked about her and her dress and the boys loved the bit. The guys pay her bills, the network scored big ratings, and those who make fun of Haifa also win....

Arwa enter the stage, a month after the fact, she poked fun of her and the dress. She even performed the song performed by Haifa using a real life black bar....I did not know about Arwa's show, but now I do. Keep on mind the show is also on MBC--the same network that brought us the naked dress.

اروى تستهزء وتقلد هيفا وهبي في برنامج خلينا علينا


  1. Why the black bar covering Haifa's ass? I'm obviously not Arabic. Could anyone explain?

  2. Was this really a big deal? Why? She has a nice, feminine body.

    Here's Cher in the late-'80s: