Thursday, January 8, 2015

Does Anybody Like Homewrecker Dounia Batma Anymore? @DouniaBatmaA

Let's check out this list
  1. First she came second on Arab Idol, and she did not win the title. It did go to Carmen Soliman, so Dounia commented the award was hers and she was told she will win, but something mysterious happened and she was robbed of it.
  2. Then she married an already married older man and few weeks later, he divorces his wife and mother of his children to be with Dounia. 
  3. Then she goes in a public rant on the ex and calls her names and promises to make her life into a complete hell. She also tries to talk about how young and how pretty she is in comparison with the ex.
  4. During an interview, she did speak ill of Arab Idol winner Mohammad Assaf, and accuses him of being arrogant.
  5. In the same interview she speaks ill of her pal Carmen Soliman and questions her talent when she appeared as a model next to Abdo in his music video.   
I think there might be other things she has said and done that upset some people. I know people do not like her wearing shorts and showing too much affection toward her new husband and oversharing. I do not see that a problem. Luckily, Elaph caught up with the Moroccan pop artists and asked her the tough questions about her controversy, comments and lack of class.

Dounia said that no one likes her honesty. It might be that or it might be that she just needs to learn be okay with silence. I do not see her doing herself any favors to herself or her career. It's sad when she attacks two people who appeared on the same program she did and who sing under the same music label as she does. No question she is talented and she has a bright future as more weddings in the Gulf book her to entertain them on their special night.

دنيا بطما لـ"إيلاف": أحداً لا يتقبّل صراحتي!

دنيا بطمة | الطرب هو الأصل و كنت أتمنى لقاء ذكرى | Dounia Batma


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