Thursday, January 22, 2015

The New MBC X Factor Is very Old And Tired @elissakh @DoniaSGhanem @raghebalama

MBC took over the troubled show X Factor from CBC and they promised to make is something else. For the second season they brought back an old dog Ragheb Alama who left Arab Idol after two seasons. They also added an Egyptian music wonder Donia Sameer Ghanem. It should be interesting to see the interaction between the two new judges and old judge Elissa who remains on the panel. Elissa remains the only original judge (Carol Samah, Wael Kfoury, and Hussein Al Jasimi  have all left)

Thoguh Wael swapped chairs with Ragheb Alama. No doubt about it, Ragheb Alama is fun to watch and hear him speak is a true experience. He has his unique style and persona that we have loved since the 80s. Let's keep on mind that Ragheb did have some feuds with Elissa in the past since they released a duet 15 years ago. But I guess, they both have to kiss and make up now. Carol repeatedly that she had no chemistry with Elissa. It would be fun to see how awkward can Elissa make things on the program.

I look forward to hearing what Donia has to say, she is known for her sense of humor and one album that shattered records. While Donia has a warm voice and graceful presence, she remains a new comer to the music scene. She worked with about three lyricists and composers on her sole. album. So, she may be the nice voice on the panel.

Before MBC took over the program, it did not do very well in is very hard to compete with Arab Idol, Arabs Got Talent, Star Academy and the Voice. Will this be the time X Factor rivals other programs? Maybe, but then again these shows are all on MBC, so business is good. These is a huge hole in the panel, you have a star best known for his songs in the 80s, another one whose biggest hit was 15 years ago and a new comer with one album.

For me the first season lacked the fizz. Sure, they gave the title to some guy with an interesting voice, but where is he now? In face, the only one who benefited from being on the show is Adham Nabulis who was passed over, so far he seems to have done well in the name recognition. This would be the show's second season and show has been scouting for talents around few Arab countries for some time already. So this time we only have three judges, let's see if this can be a show that people would want to watch.     

MBC The X Factor - تجارب الأداء في مراكش 2


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