Friday, January 16, 2015

Lebanese Artists Party It Up At Murex D'or Dinner w Zahi and Fadi Helou

Lebanon's biggest gala is back in season now. The Murex d'Or (also known as the Golden Murex award) is a Lebanese award created by Lebanese physicians, Zahi and Fadi Helou to recognize achievements in the domain of art in mostly in Lebanon, part of the Arab world. It's been an active event since 2000.

You will see the two physicians who take charge of it, dance around with the stars and sing. Random, that's the biggest award event in Lebanon is an event planned by two physicians who like glamour.

The awards are a big gala, but there is the pre dinner and the after party, and a week of celebration. The cameras were at the dinner and you get to see some of your favorite artists dance and sing like they are some fans. See Josef Attieh fire up the crowd and sing a song for Lebanon. Note even that self-loving hair stylist is dancing in the background. some good energy in the room and it felt like a Lebanese party.

This was the white night event, where all the guests were supposed to wear white to the event which explains why does everyone looks like a waiter. Even the carpet was white at this function.

كيف رقص النجوم على أغنية لبنان رح يرجع في عشاء الموريكس دور ؟ | Murex D'or Dinner

الفرسان الأربعة | كيف دبك النجوم على أنغام تعلى وتتعمر يا دار؟


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