Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WATCH: Shady Farah - Wrak Al Kharif / شادي فرح - وراق الخريف @ShadyFarahMusic

Shady Farah is a big hit in Lebanon, the ladies seem to like him and the guys are indifferent. This is why it's news when he releases a new single about Autumn or the Fall. Maybe a good time to release such a song is September of October, but now we are winter already.

Never mind, it's a fun song about the leaves of the season. The young artist wrote the lyrics and performed them from the heart. He grew up playing musical instruments. As a composer, he has wrote many songs. But his own album came in 2011 with 13 tracks that range in melody. Shady think os himself seducing audience with sweetness

Shady Farah - Wrak Al Kharif [Lyrics Video] / شادي فرح - وراق الخريف


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