Friday, January 30, 2015

Graphic ISIS-Quality Romance By Yousef Homsi

Syrian songs are the most graphic songs in terms of violence. They sing about murder, death, knives for love. Seriously, take it down a bit guys. Like this song that talks about the sharp side of the knife. For your eyes, I would take a stroll on the sharp edge of the knife. Maybe this is some passionate love that can be seen cute.

But I think there is enough violence around us and such graphic references ruin something delicate such as love. I happen to like the song by Yousef Homsi, but I think there's no need to talk about knives when one talks about romance. The artist has a warm voice, and a good look that allows him to dance his way into your heart.

This is not just one song, there has been half a dozen of Syrian and Iraqi songs that made reference to death and execution for the sake of love. I name one by Roudia Attieh and another by Mohammad Majdoub (all of them hail form Syria).

Again, Yousef Homsi is awesome and I love his song, but I am sick of hearing of ISIS murders and butchering people, so let's stay away from that. We did not have as many of these references in the past, but I think since we are surrounded by violence, its creeps into more songs  

Yousef Homsi - 7ad El Skin يوسف حمصي - حد السكين


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