Sunday, January 4, 2015

Download: ‎Myriam Fares 2015 Album ‪#‎Aman

Here it is folks, the biggest pop album of 2015 lands early and becomes the first major album to hit the market shelves. Pop songstress an dancer Myriam Fares releases her big album and folks go crazy. We get 13 verity tracks by one artists whose focus on dance is a lot more on picking better songs.

Myriam Fares's goal is to get booked for as many wealthy weddings in the Gulf as possible. That's how she pays her bills and gets to fly first class and vacation in exotic locations. She gives special attention to the regional song that pays, but she also makes few good songs in both Egyptian and Lebanese.

She now goes by the title Queen of the Stage, she is pushing this one, and to be honest, she has a big showmanship that shows in all of her music videos. She has acted in a movie already. I know you will enjoy at least 8 of the new 13 tracks I will not say which ones though.

01 Nifsi Aoulhalak
02 Deggou El Toboul
03 Bizemmetak
04 Kifak Enta
05 Elzeer
06 Shou Bhebb
07 Gharrouk
08 Halla Halla Ya Sabaya
09 Sympatica
10 Ma Yani El Nom
11 Ghafi
12 Ana Gheir
13 Aman

Aman Album Teaser for Myriam Fares برومو ألبوم آمان لميريام فارس

دقوا الطبول ميريام فارس /Degou El Toboul Myriam Fares


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