Monday, January 5, 2015

Most Insensitive Song Anwar El Amir - Tsunami 2013 / أنور الأمير - تسونامي

Lebanese charmer and party favorite singer Anwar El Amir released a new single, this time he is singing in the Iraqi dialect and it's a very violent song. The song has been titled Tsunami, yes the same naturally occurring destructive force that killed thousands of people.

The song is about someone with disaster-level charisma that makes people's hearts explode or fly. Not really certain that love has to be this destructive force Anwar El Amir makes it out to be. I love the music beat, it's that distinct dance melody from Iraq that never changes.

The songs' release was timed with the Alexa storm that hammered the Middle East, it does have a music video and it has been filmed in California.

Anwar El Amir - Tsunami 2013 / أنور الأمير - تسونامي


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