Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tear-Jerker! Gaza Melts The Hearts Of Arabs Got Talent (Video)

Five kids came from Gaza to be in Lebanon and to take part of the Arabs Got Talent. But before getting there they had first to survive a brutal war, and break away from a cruel siege. They had to overcomes the odds to make it with an audition tape--they left an impression and the show invited them back.

The music students at the Gaza Music School or Edward Said Music Conservatory know little about the politics of what trapped them into that land known as Gaza....but they knew being a Palestinian meant one has to work harder, and be patient. Eventually, they made it and got to be on the show. Arabs.

They made it on the show, these little guys got overwhelmed, one of the boys started crying and real tears came out. For the first time in the show-s history the four judges jumped to the stage to hug and greet the boys from Gaza. There's a young woman withe them, she is a member of the band. But the one that stole your heart is the kid playing the Qanoon in the back...he had hot tears when he saw the golden ticket was awarded to them and the confetti came out.  

They won over the judges none like Saudi Fahid Al Qussiby who was the first to show how much he really loved them. The cover song is a popular classic for the late Lebanese Wadie El Safy. It's an Eastern melody styled song that shows authenticity.

Arabs Got Talent - فلسطين - التخت الشرقي