Friday, January 2, 2015

Newbie of the Day! Ghali Barhoun In "Mitlo Ma Sar "

Here's a young and snappy pop star who is waiting to be discovered so he released a single and a music video about the lady whom he obsessed with. He has turned into a mad man for this lovely lady that stole his heart.

Your beauty is like on other is the title of the song and this is how we shall leave it. There are some well-known names who have worked on this track. I think it could have been better. But as it's when we do thing for the firs time, we always wish to have changed something.

It's a cute music video and a first for Ghali Barhoun who has a talent to share with the world, some confidence also helps. I do not know much about this young artist, but I wish him well.

Ghali Barhoun- Mitlo Ma Sar | غالي برهوم - متلو ما صار


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