Monday, January 26, 2015

Hiba Tawaji Gets A French Standing Ovation On The Voice #France (Video) @hibatawaji

Hiba Tawaji took her voice to The Voice, but no, not to the Arab one, the French one. I guess it must be that the Arab world is too contained for her larger than life talent. While she might not be the first Lebanese to grace (and dazzle) the French music scene (watch the first one here), she comes with a longer track record.

This appearance came as a surprise, as Hiba comes from a solid theater background, and some serious three albums. She has collaborated with the famed music powerhouse that is Rahabni household. Now she went to France and dazzled the judges with her hit Arabic song. I like that she plays to her strength, her Arab pride, and her Arab fan base.

She has sang in other languages before, and she has done very well, but nothing get her to scream from the top of lungs like her classy Arabic songs. She did get her standing ovation and she electrified the audience. Watch her be comfortable with her French, and her brilliant performance.

I trust she did this appearance for kicks and to get a validation that her voice has a crossover appeal and charm that defies the language that limits.
Hiba Tawaji the voice france 360p


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