Wednesday, January 21, 2015

May Hariri Butt vs. Kim Kardashian's

May Hariri Lebanese entertainer is having a slow season, the last song she had came more than two years ago. In the music video it shows lots of skin and some people spoke ill of her. I did not. I thought it was a good music video, now May has always been confident about her looks and how she often compares her looks, fashion, style to other female artists in Lebanon. I enjoy her candid opinions and most of all that she thinks she is the prettiest.

May Hariri is a celebrity no doubt, famous for being famous. Most of her posting in the social media is about her glamorous life, things she owns, events she graces and travel she makes. Not about music which made her famous in the first place.

Some did not like her recent posting about her backside, she shared pictures of her butt out of the blue to people so she can make some point. Many online were helpless but to compare May's backside to that of a more famous one...Kim Kardashian. Both are mothers and both are unafraid to flaunt it.

I guess it has worked, now people are talking about May only took a fancy dress, a door and a will to show more....I guess, there are two things people will say...either good for her (you go girl!) or I would not believe she would do that, has she no shame?

May Hariri ft Fulla - Bahwak Clip 2012 / مي حريري وفلة - بهواك


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