Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aly Farouk البوم على فاروق - مات الكلام 2012

Aly Farouk is a D list celebrity in Egypt, he is well known in a neighborhood or two. Aly just released his album with the title "Words Have Died" "Chocking Up On My Words" You know how is that like.

This is an album for the ones who want to give up on life and bite the bullet. There is a big market in Egypt for that kind of music. Frustration leads people to want to exist. Aly's voice is actually decent, he is well served with the style he chooses to sing. I know there are issues in Egypt, but had this not been the case, Aly could have been even a bigger name.

01 - Aady Khalas
02 - Aah Aly Gabak
03 - Akhar Sabary
04 - Al Hafala
05 - Baatalak
06 - Bahabak Ana
07 - Khayaf Man Al Ayam
08 - Maat Al Kalm
09 - Taraf Lasany
10 - Wash Al Daaf
11 - Ya Halw Yaly


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