Monday, April 14, 2014

Move Over @HaifaWehbe Nesreen Tafesh, The Other Beauty In "Halawet Rooh"

Here comes Nisreen Tafesh, the daughter of a Palestinian poet and an awesome Algerian mother. Nisreen went to school in Syria and married a guy from the UAE, but we know her from her many complicated roles in both Syrian and Egyptian TV and films. Nisreen came to fame in 2002 when she played a role on a historic drama. Nisreen has even tried singing, she has one song.

But she is back in film as she starred in the unfortunate pornographic film--thanks to Haifa Wehbe and men's obsession with her. Nisreen does most of the acting in the film. Nisreen starred in a more than a dozen of TV dramas and few films. She is also a member of a band that started in 2010.

In other major news, Nisreen has been picked by an NGO PCRF to be their ambassador to the world.

نسرين طافش زوجة رجل إنتهازي في حلاوة الروح


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