Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rindala Kodeih, The Lebanese Director From Hell

Rindala is one of the few active and popular directors in Lebanon. She is working with a number of projects on TV, movies and upcoming songs. She seems to think there are people plotting against her work. She is a big proponent of Lebanese cinema and projects. I do not like how she dis other Arabs working in the trade. She does not like people in Lebanon badmouthing others.

I like her personality and her crazy takes on life--she is an entertainer who likes to work with many names. I have not noticed much about her work, but she seems like a big deal at home.

Rindalaرندلى قديح لـ"إيلاف" : هناك كثير من الدخلاء يحاربون الممثلين والمخرجين اللبنانيين


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