Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shatha Hassoun Has To Get Paid

I found myself speaking to a close friend of mine who is an Iraqi musician and is his personal friend of most Iraqi musicians....he told me, Shatha Hassoun will do anything for money....little morals, wherever she can get paid, she will go. This may explain her work and focs on the Gulf region where does many private parties and concerts.

If true, I do not blame her, she is in the entertainment business. She is an Iraqi Moroccan, who lives in the UAE and spends a great deal of time in Lebanon. I am one of her fans, she has a unique blend of styles and an enjoyable voice who can do a number of songs and do them well. Here's a song from her about fate or things that we cannot control. It's about love and memories and killer eyes.  

غيب - شذى حسون | Geb - Shatha Hassoun


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