Monday, April 21, 2014

Listen: The Selfie Song By The Wise And Lovable Mohamad Iskandar 2014

Every summer, the Arab world gets a fun single from Lebanese hit-maker Mohammed Iskander. The cool thing about this rocker is in that fact that these songs of his are the work of his creative and innovative son Faris Iskander. Life is changing get on with the program, Iskander sounds like an old soul-- a goat whose wisdom defies ages.

Iskander the elder maybe keeping on with technology, but his son is far more connected. The father has been blessed with a strong manly Lebanese voice that allows him to sing common sense. This time he is talking about people with cellphone, point, click and shot. He is a critical voice in this madness season. He is about the old times, before people were so obsessed with sharing and documenting every instant in their sorry lives.

The song is about modern-day problems, people preferring to be with their phones than with a real person. they would rather Facebook you and send you a smiley on Facebook than smile in your face in real life. I think this needs a larger discussion, but let's hope people will find time to check this song out on their smartphones.

Clever topic, a timely one indeed...and Mohammed Iskander sounds on fire. The song is already making waves online and on radio stations in Lebanon, soon enough it will be the song of the summer--made so by the viral social media.

Mohamad Iskandar - El 3alam Jannet 2014 / محمد اسكندر - العالم جنّت


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