Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shams Of Kuwait Pays Homage To Fayrouz and Egypt's Army

We know of two female pop artists from Kuwait, and both of them use Kuwait as their last name, we have Nawal--whom I Love and Shams whom I like. Both artists say Shams of Kuwait, Nawal of Kuwait which allows them to take pride in their own names, and to step away from the conservative families in that country.

Now, Shams released a cover song for legendary Lebanese vocalist Fayrouz--no east task for anyone. In general if were not too confident you will not do a cover since most folks get emotional about these songs. True we are protective of our music legacy, but I think Shams felt good about her cover. It's a beloved classic, and Shams paid homage to one hell of music legend.

Aside from that, Shams has a new playful pop song to which she released the promo. She released the teaser did took it away in seconds. Sad, she is showing to be an idiot here, when she thinks any Islamist is a violent person. There are violent extremists in Islam who want to murder people, those are needless to say are awful.....but please not in Egypt where their army and the police are faking it to win an election. Not all Islamic groups are one and the same, and here in the promo the Egyptian army is reading the Koran while some terrorists attacks them.

شمس - بكتب اسمك يا حبيبي | Shams - bektub esmak ya habibi

.. Deen Aboko- Coming Soon -Shams FT.Mohamed Mahdy دين ابوكو اسمه ايه - شمس و محمد المهدى.


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