Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WATCH: Wana Maah - Ramy Sabry وانا معاه - رامى صبرى #Backpaking

Not every great song gets to be made and not every talented singer gets a music video. but Ramy Sabry has just hit the jackpot...as he made a music video where he is backpacking around what seems to be Europe, taking a journey on the road. Company matters in life, but it's so true on the road.

Ramy Sabry has made lots of songs, some he even sang, others, he gave away fro other talents. Now, this is a good music video or a video clip, with lots of beautiful shots of incredible nature. His band even gets to star along with him and the model. I like the simple nature of the storyboard. I think, the model was not dressed for a hike. But on the plus side, Ramy looked happy and his makeup is done well.

This is a loud song, meant for the clubs, and those who live life on the edge, there are speeding cars too and an open road. And we get that music have club scene. He wrote the music for the song, Tamer Hussein wrote the lyrics. Thanks to the work hip producer Hassan Elshafei. On another note, Ramy is also a family man, a father of two little kids

Wana Maah - Ramy Sabry وانا معاه - رامى صبرى


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