Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Khalid Selim Latest Soft Song Lands Smoothly الملامح - خالد سليم

Egyptian pop star and actor Khalid Selim is a many of many talents. He grew up in the Gulf, yet his hear beats Egypt. He is a classy guy who has been blessed with a beautiful/strong voice that has so much flexibility. So he can basically do anything, the pop dance and loud tracks, and the emotional broken heart type.

He is a convincing, I like everything about the music video, but not the smoking part. Not clear to me where this was filmed, but it looks really nice--some resort town in Egypt perhaps. These shades of his are something. This time he is not trying to be cool or trying too hard at least. But he still has his bulky look for the gym. Now he is letting the sentimental slow song do the work for him. But I do not get if he was sad why is he on the beach in some resort?

I get the long walks on the beach  

.. El Malameh - Khalid Selim الملامح - خالد سليم


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