Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Hottest Percussionist in Lebanon is Tony Barrak

I thought an Arab has to travel all the way to Egypt to meet some really hot and talented drummers. Not until I have seen the great and mighty Rony Barrak whose latest appearance was at the Beirut Holiday music festival. This is percussionist known for his talent on the darbuka. Its rhythmic qualities allowed him to play with the biggest names of jazz musicians as well as different musical genre.

Rony Barrak is a Lebanese musician and composer. Rony Barrak held his first Darbouka at the age of four and began playing it intuitively. Led by early self-confidence, he made his first TV performance at the age of seven. But the man has moved beyond performing and got into teaching where his YouTube videos of Demonstrates Darbouka are popular.

Another fun fact, Tony is constantly engaged in the development of many projects, he is also known to play during performances lives of video game music. Yes video games have their own music genre.

Rony Barrak in Beirut Holidays 2013 during Nancy Ajram concert


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