Friday, April 18, 2014

Checkout This Video #Happy #Gaza Version of #Pharrell Williams #Palestine

Happy is a state of mind, and nothing exemplifies this for me like this video from Gaza. This Pharrell Williams song travel worlds in its way to become the global hit it has become. Young people in Gaza took to the streets to film this song and be part of a global sensation. Boys and girls want to have fun, even in a besieged place like Gaza. they may not have electricity, roads, or freedom of movement, but one thing they have to have is their smartphones to stay connected.

I am impressed with their dance moves, they did a good job living up to the music video style and spirit. They even got their local Debka troupe to do a number in the spirit of one hell of a global world that's happy. Keep up the good energy.

.. #Happy (#Gaza version) - #Pharrell Williams


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