Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kadim Al Sahir Deut With The Winner of the Voice Star Saad

Iraqi musician, hit-maker Kadim Al Sahir has not helped many males break into the music scene, but he did help half a dozen of ladies. Now, for the first time, he is giving a hand to one of his countrymen, Star Saad---the guy who just won the voice.

They are both Iraqis, Star was on Kadem's team, and Kadem made time to invest in this young man's career. The young star is happy to have any support, yet alone the support of an Iraqi legend of the size of Al Saher. Now comes the good news, Kadem is giving an original song that he wrote and composed all free of charge for Star to sing. It's an Iraqi song about a liar or a cheat whose words you cannot trust.

Feel free to give it a listen, I clearly hear Kadem's voice but not able to make out Star's voice, this is a safe Iraq dance beat. I think this is a smart move on behalf of Kadim to make nice with his people who can easily say he has not done much--perhaps he did but he won't talk much.

كاظم الساهر و ستار سعد يالكذاب يالغشاش

كاظم الساهر - ستار سعد - يالكذاب 2014


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