Sunday, April 20, 2014

Egyptian Music God Mohamed Mounir Just Got Married

He is an Egyptian music God who came from the South, upper Egypt and has made life better in that country since the seventies. For a famous rock star, Mohamed Mounir has never gotten married, by his own admission he had had many female friends. He is a big deal in Europe where his concerts are attended by Arabs and non-Arabs alike.

Now the happy news came, Mounir who is well in his fifties has finally found the one lady that will share the rest of his life with--better late than never. She is Egyptian also from the same part of Egypt as he is Nuba. And she lives in London.

Mounir has even carried this one step further as he got engaged to Dalia Yousef, the Aswan native. The new couple made it official on Friday, April 18th, 2014. Mohamed Mounir shared the marriage certificates and few items to confirm the news. His millions of fans are happy, and have danced, sang and celebrated their idol's matrimonial.

Mounir was reported to have refused to wear a suite for the ceremony. Twitter celebrated with a special Hash tag to mark the occasion.

Mohamed Mounir - Madad Ya Rasulallah


  1. I am happy for him. He may be already in his 50s, but, at least he waited for true love to tie the knot. Many people now a days marry for convenience. I wish him all the best.

  2. All the Best.Congratulation......