Saturday, April 12, 2014

Singing Upriver! Hatem Al Mansour Heads To The Arab West!

Here's a new song from a totally fresh's a warning song. He tells his loved one that she should stop pushing him away and avoid long distance before it's too late. The song is a creative fusion between the Gulf music style and the Moroccan style. I like the emotional appeal and maturity of the artist. This is his third of fourth single to date....and the production is for Voice Media House....

Hatem Al Mansour will be delivering two more songs really soon. Hatem will be holding concerts in Morocco, the Gulf and Tunisia....this Gulf artist is one of the better known music producers and arrangers in the Gulf region. He has already worked on famous songs for the likes of Abdallah Rouchid, Myriam Faris, Diana Karazon as well as others.

While most artists in Morocco are going east to the Gulf, it's something to have one Gulf artist ship himself out to the Arab West and make a name for himself.

Hatem Al Mansour Daba Tindam 2014 حاتم المنصور - دابا تندم


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