Friday, April 11, 2014

Amr Diab Likes This Guy, Do You? Mohanad Zohair 2014 Albumمهند زهير

Yes, his name is Mohanad Zohair, and he won a singing completion that Amr Diab announced on his social media last year. The loud music is not helping me enjoy Mohanad's voice, he seems to have a good thing going for him, but that techno crap is not serving the song.

He made an album and shared it with the world, it seems that team Mohanad Zohair  took a year to produce this album. He is an Egyptian with a decent voice, who wore a cool tie and a suit. I hope the other songs on the album vary in styles. In the seconds you get to hear his unfiltered voice, you come to love him and connect with him--which is personal.

He was on Arab Idol, and then ended on Amr Diab Academy--a competition he won masterfully. He took home the title among thousands of contestants. and this he got to work closely with respected figure in Egyptian music Hamid Shari, Amr Tantawi as well as others. To top it, Mohanad got to perform live with his idol and mentor Amr Dian in April 2013.

Here's his entire album on this link

Mohanad Zohair - Hannait |


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