Friday, April 4, 2014

Still Rapping In #Gaza! Here's To You Mc Gaza

Mc Gaza is hip hop artist, a very loud one who calls Gaza his home--he is a refugee like so many others whose family ran for their lives from the Israeli militias. Now growing up in a refugee camp, he has a lot of vent's not enough that very few people in his age group get to live their dreams. Now, they are all placed under a collective siege.

I have always liked two things about Mc Gaza, his flow, and his rage. This is one fast rapper, he is like a highway for rap....he really cannot catch up with have to listen and listen to each of his verses....He talks like an old man, and mixes his politics to make a bigger point about how screwed his people are.

This is a simple video he shot at home...but it drives the message home.

Mc Gaza - Gazan Rap راب غزاوي ( Video )


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