Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Palestine Style) #Gaza Bs Ya Zalma Production

The team who did the funny Gaza video BasyaZalma where they did a satire version of the Van Damm truck ad returns. This time that release a new video celebrating the global hit Happy by Pharrell Williams. Once again, they talk about issues facing Gaza...from border closure, lack of cooking Gaza, electricity, fuel, political gridlock. One thing is the ATM, where dozens of people often line up once their salaries are made available.

See half a dozen kids from Gaza celebrating in a cool way the things they are happy about. They seem to stress the issue of political division with that mural. I am glad that happy dance has made it to Gaza. I like the soccer bit, and the Debak group. These guys do well for themselves, and highlight issues facing Gaza and the rest of Palestine. Note how the rival Spanish teams dance together. Energy is high in this video, note how there are no females in the video--and that might be doing women a service.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Palestine Style)


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