Friday, April 25, 2014

See Aziz Elshafhi Compose His Most Romantic Hit To Date

When a composer writes music for a song, it starts simple. Grab an instrument and start humming the lyrcis, keep at it, until you get something that works. Lute is a popular go to instrument in Arabia since the 30s and this is how most songs are born. Now Aziz has composed tens of songs for A list pop stars to name few, Ehab Tawfik, Tamer Hosny, Hisham Abbas, Nicole Saba, Arwa and Diab. And we talk about main hits here.

Now some of you may understand that how much I love the new single from Egyptian composer who started to sing few years ago--and has released at least two album. I was delighted by his song "le7a2te" or "That was quick!", and the sentiments it portrays so eloquently and beautifully. And off course I was in love with the music video because it stayed true to the song, its emotions and the direction. I did not feel it competed with the song, but rather complemented it.

I love how Aziz is considered one of the official singers for Egypt's leading soccer club "Zamalek" He is passionate and he has released so many celebrated songs. Yet, he still can performed a romantic song that melts your heart. So he can sing for the masses and start a riot in a stadium and can turn of the fire with his voice. Not too many can do that effortlessly.

Back tot he song, I was moved to see how his most recent song started. He shared with his fans the simple start that created perhaps one of the most romantic songs in recent memory. I know for people like me composing is a mystery to non-musicians, but I would go further to say that I believe it is equally mysterious to many fine musicians as well. Composing music is not much different from writing a paper, short story, novel, etc.  Here are a few things I can think of It is important to create a space in which you are comfortable writing, and to sit down in that space regularly and write. Divine inspiration is all too rare.

ميكنج عزيز الشافعي اغنيه "لحقتي" غناء علي العود

عزيز الشافعي فيديو كليب "لحقتي" 2014 - Aziz Elshafhi "le7a2te" Video clip


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