Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sinai Desert Needs More Than This Sweet Song #Egypt

The Egyptian government has done little to build in the Sinai desert, they sort of overlooked it, and in some cases they have some restrictions due to the peace treaty with Israel. I know that the government uses Sinai for a number of things, for starter it's a vast land with lots of resources, minerals and riches. Even salt, they grab it from there. So the locals see these gigantic trucks taking away their riches and moving them away.

Second, the southern part of Sinai is a popular touristy attraction for Russian, Israelis, and affluent Egyptians. Most of the locals do not approve of all the nudity, partying, and drinking that takes place in their backyard. Now, they like the jobs and the money too, but they feel conflicted about it. Now you would think the government would build schools and hospitals in the desert to service the local population. They really do not. What they do is build resorts, clubs, and hotels that its use is restricted to the police and army people who have little to do with Sinai. Once again, the locals do not appreciate being kept out.

Then there is some cultural differences, dialect is different, and tribes are a key part of the landscape. Kids from Cairo does not understand that. This once again another reason, they themselves do not feel safe in this marginalized land. But here's a song with a number of A list celebrities from Egypt singing for how awesome and important Sinai is.  

حميد الشاعري - سينا


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