Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tamer Hosny Finds Out His Wife Bassma Boussil Was Previously Married

Music Nation broke the news that may shed some light on Tamer Hosny and Bassma seems that the Moroccan songstress and former contestant on Star Academy was previously married to one of her friends who appeared as well on the Star Academy Show. That was Yehia Sweis from Jordan.

I cannot verify if these documents are authentic, but if they are then we now learn this may have contributed to the news of the celebrity divorce. There is no shame in getting married Bassma did nothing wrong here. She does not have to apologize to anyone. The only person that matters right now is Tamer Hosny and her little girl. He is the only one that knows the extent of their relationship.

Not much is coming out from the Tamer Hosny camp at the moment, I think tomorrow we will find out.
يحيى صويص & بسمة بوسيل ناديت وينك


  1. what the hell is this women up 2. If she was married before, then she has to tell Tamer prior to her marriage with him about her past. Why try to hide such a detail about her past???????????? That's wrong. I knew she is full of it from day one. She is nothing but a gold digger.

  2. On February 17, 2010 she added to her private facebook account that she got married. How come Tamer did not know then before that she was married???? She received 25 likes, and 48 comments from her friends when she posted this status back in 2010. Obviously other people in her circle knew she was married before. How come he did not know?

  3. hhh, it don't matter if the rumors are true or false about her previous marriage. She looks like a drunk whore in all her pictures. If the rumors are false, then why do people spread such negative rumors about her? Most likely, because she knows that she does not have a good character. Otherwise, what would be the reason that people sabotage her? That means she is not good, that's why people dislike her.