Friday, April 25, 2014

Hamaki Might As Well Be #Egypt's Biggest Singer! @Hamaki

Egyptian hit-maker Hamaki held a sold-out concert this Spring--just like every year. Hamaki seems fan driven, he is loved by them from mall walks of life. While Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny fans duke it out and talk shit about one another. Hamaki is having all the fun. Neither Tamer nor Amr Diab have had this kind of success. This is a mass driven business. Hamaki works hard to release a  new album each year.

He gives the fans what they want, he has an active fan club that celebrates him and pushes him to the edge of commercial success. See him do this thing in this live concert, Hamaki is a cool dude whose fame survived being married and making that news public. He is a star Egypt loves, and he keeps them guessing with his outfit choices and haircut. But most of all it's his voice and personal warmth that carries him all the way to the top.

Hamki gets along with his peers, and he is a friend of most of these singers in Egypt and outside. See how toward the end of the song he gives credit to the composer whose none other than Mostafa Amar. I like how his fans are both young and old, dudes and ladies. He is also a safe and bankable star despite the turbulent times in Egypt.

..حصريا لالتراس حماقى :- اغنية ادينى بدوب من حفل موسى كوست براس سدر 20-4-

حصريا لالتراس حماقى :- اغنية بقت عادة من حفل موسى كوست براس سدر 20-4-2014


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