Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Indie Band Cairokee Wants To Blow Themselves Up! The Sad State of #Egypt "#نفسي_أفجر

Indie rock band Cairokee wants to pull the plug on their life. They really want to blow themselves up out of frustration. Now, they dream about blowing themselves up in the streets. not because they want to go some place better, but because the place where they live does not seem to be getting any better.

The video showcases the sad state of Egypt as a society. Drugs, sexual harassment , chaos, illiteracy, kids smoking, men slapping women, chaos and essentially a whole country that has gone to the restroom all at the same time. They kept away from politics, but it's hard to see this is not a shot at the deteriorating state of Egyptian society and culture. Women dancing in the streets in a suggestive manner.

Well for the sake of good art taste, I hope Cairokee does not blow themselves u[ and that they hang in there. It's like watching an entire country get dumber all at once. This song was released earlier this year, and the release time is actually can never be better. Many people picked the song and ran a hash tag on the social media to wish upon seeing an end to some negative behaviors in their beloved country.

كايروكي نفسي أفجر Cairokee Nefsy Afaggar


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