Friday, April 11, 2014

Listen: عزيز الشافعي اغنيه "لحقتي" 2014 - Aziz Elshafhi "le7a2te" song

Broadly speaking composers make better songs that those who are not educated musically. Aziz Al Shafay is one of those young composers who are slowly moving into the singing circles--I am guessing when you have what it takes to be number one why would you settle for the being on the wrong side of the microphone.

Dreamy voice and a proud Egyptian style is what he is all about. Aziz is not an A list singer, but he is close to being an A list composer. He is one of many, but I tend to enjoy his songs.

اغنية عزيز الشافعي - لحقتي / Aziz Al Shafay - Lehe'aty

عزيز الشافعي اغنيه "لحقتي" 2014 - Aziz Elshafhi "le7a2te" song


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