Thursday, April 3, 2014

WATCH: Egyptian Garbage Meets Lebanese Promiscuity "Halawet Rooh" Hakeem And Haifa Wehbe

Beer, dupe, ladies in sexy dresses, and men with dirty minds is a lethal combination. This is a new music clip from a soon to be released film for adults starring Lebanese bombshell Haifa Wehbe. Sad day when a bunch of halfwits, unattractive Egyptian men get to star alongside a Lebanese eye candy that has no morals.

The bright and dark spot of this clip is the return of Egyptian common man artist Hakeem. He makes them dance, and makes stoners happy. The man is an entertainer who has sunk faster than the Titanic and now he is back....Haifa Wehbe puts on a sex show starring her butt and guys eat it up.

Even they get a little kids part of the sex show, sad these kids are copying what the adults are doing....dancing like drunk shitheads. Does the sight of a 50 year old lady dancing like a cheap stripper turn you off?

She is the only ass in this sausage fest party....see! Sad that, they hire a talents to do these kind of characters....other than being a marketing ploy, not much of it really is cultural.

I am pleased to see that Egypt's number one lead female actress speak on this movie. Yasmeen Abdel Aziz criticized the movie and the sexual nature and details in a simple phrase. Yasmeen's films rule the box office and she does not take of her clothes or reveal her body...showing once and for all there's a way to =make money and not be cheap.
بالنسبة لفيلم هيفا وهبي الجديد .. هو الفن دلوقتي بالتضاريس!!!!!!!!! 5 hou

اغنية حلاوة روح - كاملة - من فيلم حلاوة روح - هيفاء وهبي


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