Monday, April 28, 2014

The Best Arabic Music Video Goes To This Lady Rock Star #Morocco

She is Samira Said, and you are not. She is Samira Said and the world has to see what she has to offer. The Moroccan diva in my judgment may have starred in the coolest and most incredible music video. There are plenty of music video out there, but in the Arabic scene, they tend to tell stories or dazzle the viewer. The ones who tell a story tend to be dull and predictable. The ones who are meant to dazzle you confuse you and ruin the song for you.

Samira Said and her self-funded team made a music video that not enough money in the world can buy. Rotana may spend millions on a music video, but it won't be this good. There's a vision and there are people who want to do something fresh. Samira helped by being open to trying new things. It all worked for the best and gave her one hell of an image that we have yet to see. Samira looked good, but the music video makes you think about a number of things. For example, this is one reason the song was picked for consideration in a global contest for top 40 songs.

 SAMIRA SAID | MAZAL | OFFICIAL VIDEO | 2014 | سميرة سعيد | كليب مازال


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