Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ali Barakat (A Hezbollah Singer) Ridicules Presidential Hopeful Samir Geagea #Lebanon

Driving in the streets and highways of Lebanon one cannot help but note the gigantic posters of politician and presidential hopeful Samir Geagea. I did not car much for the man, but he has a huge fan club. However now Ali Barakat, a popular singer who has released many pro Hezbollah songs released a song that pokes fun of Geagea.

Ali timed his song well, and you can hear him talking about Geagea "bloody history--you will never be president says the song. It shows the days when Geagea used to be an army general. He took leadership of the Lebanese Forces in 1986. I think he was sentenced to death and served a jail sentence of 11 years below the ministry of Defense. He was charged with ordering political assassinations. I am sure, a lot of people do not like him or what he did. I know one thing he is not fond of Palestinians. Not sure where Hezballah fits in.

The song calls Geagea names and labels him as a spy.

علي بركات | نشيد - جعجع والرئاسة | Ali Barakat


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