Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hussain AlJassmi Cranks Out A New Single وتبقى لي - حسين الجسمي

The UAE native, Hussain AlJassmi regularly cranks out one single every few months and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. The beloved and respected singer and social media savvy entertainer returns with a new song that sounds like a fighting song, but it's not.

Hussain collaborated once again with his friend and compatriot Fayez Al Said whose voice can be heard in the background. Thanks to Fayez's efforts, everyone wants to go Dubai to record in his top-notch studio. Making music for the natives of the Gulf is not about making money but instead is about spending money. There's real money in the Gulf and people like music and like celebrities to sing their lyrics and poems. So, their money keeps Arab singers from all over the Arab world interested in recording songs in the local dialect.

In places like Dubai and Saudi Arabia "I will take the money and sing that...." as oppose, "here is some money and let me record this song" what they would say in Cairo and Beirut. Hussain sounds great as he always does, but I am sort of used to hear his louder type songs pop flavor. Poems are no longer his forte. He is a clever singer whose fame is perhaps larger than the Gulf. He is a big ticket in Egypt ever since 2007 and moving forward.

وتبقى لي - حسين الجسمي | 2014 (النسخة اﻷصلية) حصريا


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